Christopher Rodrigues:Still Life
October 10th, 2009- November 9th, 2009
 Opening Reception: Saturday, October 10th, 6-9

The digital Cibachrome prints, sourcing still life flower paintings from the Dutch Golden Age, were first publicly exhibited in March 2009 at the SCOPE Art Fair in New York.

Christopher's Personal Altar aims to gain a deeper understanding of the old tradition of Still Life in Contemporary Art, through the practice of altar making. Altar making is a common tradition that bridges all religions. Beyond organized religion, personal Altars can be found in many house-holds around the world. This summer the Vancouver audience was given the opportunity to learn about and examine the Dutch Golden Age of painting, in a beautiful curated exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery. This exhibition extended many peoples understanding of the visual language of Still Life, a language that is necessary to interpret Christopher's work.

"Christopher uses the computer & Photoshop as his artistic mediums in three ongoing series of works -- Planets, Islands, Still Lifes -- that examine the relationship between Nature & Technology as well as photography & painting. Employing techniques that resemble collage & painting, he absents the camera from the process of creating his photographs. The results, printed as Cibachromes & face-mounted to Plexiglas, are both hyper-real and fantastical, connecting to traditional notions of the still life and landscape while looking forward to a digitally enhanced universe." - RARE Gallery, 2009, New York