Christopher Rodrigues:Still Life 07
April 24 & 25, 2010.

Still Life 07, 8/21
Digital cibachrome print
14" x 11", 2008-10
Still Life 07 is a digital interpretation of the 1716 Still Life with Flowers on a Marble Tabletop, by Dutch Master Rachel Ruysch. I had the opportunity to view her oil painting, halfway through my interpretation, during the summer 2009, Dutch Masters exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The 'silvers' of this cibachrome print echo the, 'golds' of the original oil painting.

The computer and Photoshop are my sole mediums to create images that are the basis for three ongoing series of works -- Planets, Islands, and Still Lifes. Employing techniques that resemble collage and painting by "borrowing" pixels of color from images found on the Internet using search engines, I entirely absent my use of the camera from the artistic process. My photographs honor Nature while celebrating Technology, an important concern for me in an age when humans are struggling to find a balance with the planet that sustains them. Through my art, I have found a way to showcase Nature's all-encompassing beauty while at the same time expressing my genuine concern for its preservation and safety.