Christopher Rodrigues: Planet 11
May 9, 2009- June 5, 2009


  40" X 50" digital cibachrome  

 This planet is the most recent image from his exploration of contemporary landscape and was exhibited for the first time this March at SCOPE Art Fair in New York, represented by RARE Gallery.

Christopher uses the computer and Photoshop as his artistic mediums in three ongoing series of works -- Planets, Islands, Still Lifes -- that examine the relationship between Nature and Technology as well as photography and painting. Employing techniques that resemble collage and painting, he absents the camera from the process of creating his photographs. The results, printed as Cibachromes backed with aluminum and faced with plexi, are both hyper-real and fantastical, connecting to traditional notions of the still life and landscape while looking forward to a digitally enhanced universe. Each of the three series is produced in a limited edition of seven.