Rob Scharein & jamie griffiths: MystiQ
July 11th to August 7th 2009
Opening reception Sat July 11th 2009 8-12pm
3D Video Installation

MystiQ is a 3D video installation with Custom software & 3D graphics by Rob Scharein,that utilizes  800 year old texts and additional visual imagery & photographs by jamie griffiths.

We live in 3 dimensional bodies and yet operate in a world of thoughts, dreams and multi-dimensional realities. Conscious acts of engagement in the world effect the Quantum ‘Field’ that we inhabit. As bodies, minds and spirits we are only aware of the tiniest relevances of our lives to the grand picture. The ripples, waves and thought patterns extrapolate outwards and inwards as part of the never-ending, never-beginning matrix of life and energy. Some may call this Quantum Field “God”.

In MystiQ, the Quantum Field is visually referenced by mathematical collisions of 3D strings and nodes, forming a continuous matrix of 3D ‘life’ inside the Vivarium Gallery window... attaching & releasing... dragging and being pulled around in the matrix. From a chaotic beginning, order emerges as symmetries hidden in the connections between players in the chaos game are revealed. As they collide they grab visual objects such as photographs and 800 year old texts, which are disassembled in the matrix and become 3 dimensional slow moving objects for the passer-by to read and decipher. The words of mystics are presented but the reader must reassemble them into their original meanings, as an enforced journey of seeking. The implication here is that the words exist, whether we see them or not, and the wisdom and meanings within the words existed even before they were written.

This forced theme of seeking meaning in the words, is connected to other words hidden in the video installation, on themes of Love, Art and Work; three mainstays of an artists life.
The video installation for the Vivarium grew progressively as Rob & jamie added words, images and graphics throughout the exhibition. Mathematical algorithms will ensured that the order that images and matrices appear was never seen the same way twice.

The viewing participant is pulled... down the rabbit hole and into the (Quantum) looking glass...

With a background as a physicist & astronomer, Rob Scharein swims daily in the magic of 3D worlds as a Research Fellow in the Department of Mathematics at San Francisco State University. His websites are found at &

jamie griffiths is a visual artist and filmmaker. She has been seeking in the Quantum Field since 2001, on a quest to find ‘G-dde’ in her everyday life and art and uses interactive technology in live performance films and installations. She is also currently a researcher in Digital Video Illumination at the Univ.of BC.