Jay Senetchko: The Burial of Saint Lucy
Oct 2 - 24 2010
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 2, 6-9pm

The Burial of Saint Lucy, 2008
Oil on Canvas ,89 3/4" x 64 1/2"

While referencing history in a contemporary work of art risks alienating viewers, Senetchko's intention and hope is that his paintings will provoke an inquisitive response.

The Burial of St. Lucy is one painting in Senetchko's Apologia series. Apologia uses elements of iconic visual and literary works of art to invoke a contemplative ‘old-world’ look and feel, from the classical tradition of painting. Referencing elements from various art historical moments, periods, individual painters, specific paintings and literary works, along with philosophies of art, and combining to express a mood, an attitude, an idea, or thought about the past. The series represents a sort of visual “defense” of the tradition that has inspired, saddened, outraged, bemused and otherwise nurtured him.

To learn more of Jay's work please visit his website and contact the Jacana Gallery for details about his upcoming Still Life exhibition in 2011.