Hui Lin Liu: Stages of Nature 
August 7th through Sept 25th

Blue Surf, 48" x 32", Mixed media, 2004, $300

Red Sky, 60" x 40", Mixed media, 2004, $3000

This exhibition consists of two mixed-media paintings that exemplify Hui Lin's painting experiments, Blue Surf & Red Sky. These works represent nature in a multitude of layers, vibrant seascapes & mountainous landscapes churning with life-force & creativity.

Hui Lin Liu is a Richmond-based abstract painter whose work encompasses years of experimentation. Her work reflects her deep curiosity about the magic of nature that permeates our visible and hidden surroundings here on Earth and in the infinite reaches of the Universe. Her painting process incorporates a unique combination of spontaneity and control. By pouring and mixing together different types of paint media, very organic and intricate patterns arise, while detailed brushwork unifies and completes the pieces. Hui Lin is currently working on an ongoing series of collage paintings where she arranges cut-up pieces of her paintings into vibrant new compositions.

Hui Lin Liu August 2010 in the Vivarium