HUI LIN LIU: Eruption,
Painting Experiments
June 6, 2009- July 10, 2009

Eruption, a 80" X 60" painting, Painting Experiment series.

Hui Lin Liu is a Richmond-based abstract painter whose work encompasses years of experimentation in a wide range of media, including urethane, acrylic, watercolour and enamel. Her work reflects a deep curiosity about the magic of nature as it manifests everything from the microscopic to the cosmic. The vibrant colours, creative textures and overall composition of her art is thus inspired by the diversity of the natural world at all levels.

Hui Lin’s painting process incorporates a unique combination of spontaneity and control. Her technique of pouring and stirring allows a certain amount of the painting to create itself – the different media react with one another in unpredictable ways, so that chance plays a prominent role in her work. She incorporates a level of meticulous precision with detailed brushwork that serves to unify the layers of paints.

The six miniature collage paintings on display represent Hui Lin’s most current projects. As with her previous poured paintings, these pieces reflect a magnificent blend of chance and intention. She first creates large poured art pieces that are then cut up and arranged into vibrant new compositions – tiny worlds imbued with a history that reveals a depth of colour and dynamic interactions.
On display at the Vivarium Gallery is a piece entitled Eruption (2006, 60" x 80"), as well as six miniatures. Eruption is a mixed media piece that exemplifies Hui Lin's painting experiments. This piece represents the creative energy found both within oneself and in the natural world. There are undercurrents that eventually surface and explode in myriad ways. The artist’s expressive pathways reveal themselves both in her creative process and in the landscape of the
final work.