Christopher Rodrigues
Sea Creatures
April 30th - May 29th 2011


On the warm summer evening of Friday, August 1st 2008, a small group gathered outside a newly founded window front gallery on Yew Street and gazed inside. Filling the space were two enormous paintings of imagined sea creatures, the first and second panels from Christopher's ongoing sea creature series. Almost three years later, the Vivarium Gallery presents the next two 80" X 96" panels, on display April 30th through May 29th 2011.

   The third and fourth panels began as a ballpoint pen sketch, produced during the summer of 2008 & 2009 on Wreck Beach. The beauty of this west coast seascape, the meditative sound of the rolling waves, the salty smell and taste of the ocean, the deceptively tropical July & August and the unique culture that inhabits this beach, provides a wealth of inspiration. Over the cooler, rainy months these drawings are scanned into the computer, composed within Photoshop, translated onto canvas using pencil, then converted into colour with acrylic paint.

   A public reception will be held at the Vivarium Gallery on Saturday, May 14th, with the artist in attendance.  This summer Christopher has his first solo exhibition at RARE Gallery, in New York.