Stillfilms: the tale of two bad mice

artist statement

I choose images and design objects with the interest of capitalizing on associative or extrinsic meaning. Meaning and significance, as a generated value, is what I feel makes a novel gesture, a shared commodity, a qualitative and numeric event that may be provoked through open dialog and sincerity. A contemporary modern minimal aesthetic, when applied to a gesture of sincerity or sentimentality can create an object of discrete function with a broader extrinsic value. A discrete object is that which is unto itself, pattern, color, scale and form, this can benefit a narrative subject insofar as creating novelty of experience.

Of late, I have shifted from a rather didactic approach. I once saw the direction of my work as an applied meaning through the literal; the Museum didactic or descriptor did all of the work when placed next to an abstract. What I was left with was a group of objects that needed a written or verbal punch line. I would prefer a so-called discrete-informed experience.

Sentimentality is one aspect of a meaningful experience that I have looked for of late. Each recent piece has started with a clear attraction to fostering sentiment. Decals, color, pattern and scale, lean towards my universal politics, and the belief in the making a discrete-informed experience. Still, one must embrace the peculiarity of autobiographical notation, especially in a digital savvy society, so, where is the analog? Corollary though, meaning and value are assignations applied to the surface, the extrinsic commodity. I seek to stimulate memory and pursue that which is meaningful in my work, this mash of middlin’ scale, and extrinsic significance. It is here the clash of category works, to benefit the object, the video-play, and the sculptural experience.