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  joe average & jamie griffiths
Film screening & Limited Edition Print release
44"x36" photo-giclee edition of 27

December 11th 2010 2130 Yew St, Vanc

7.00pm Film Screening
'I See The Fear'

Canada, 2010. 8 min  English
Directed & produced by jamie griffiths & joe average
Photography : jamie griffiths & joe average
Editor:  jamie griffiths & joe average
Music: Stefan Smulovitz & Viviane Houle
A commission of the Out on Screen Queer History Project

In 2004, visual artists joe average & jamie griffiths entered into a creative therapeutic photography process, to allow joe to explore his experience of living and coping with Lipoatrophy caused by antiretroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS. In joe's 27th year living with HIV/AIDS, this short film, 'I See The Fear' walks the audience into his creative process with friend and photo-collaborator, jamie griffiths. Joe's inner state of mind (poems and diary entries) fuse with digital-photo manipulations to bring home the message that society needs to address the fear & stigmatization at the root of the isolation experienced by the side effects of AIDS medications.